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The JB Blog – Post #3: Creative Ideas Are Never Completely Ours…

I feel almost as if ideas are never our own. The ideas we “come up with” usually have qualities about them that factor in other people’s works, and then those people’s ideas were from other people’s works, and so on and so forth.

The chain of ideas and thought traces back to the earliest days of humans and early, ahead-of-their-time philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. plato1.jpgWe believe in our ideas, but really, ideas are just pieced together by other creator’s things. For example, let’s say I’m writing a script for a new feature film about a small-time barber shop down South. I want to make my idea the best it can be, and I know that the idea has never been done before, but there are several ideas made up within the movie script. First of all, the idea for a barber shop was not mine. People have been getting their haircuts for thousands of years. Also, the area down South was not my creation. It formed in early American times. And last but not least, the biggest idea that wasn’t mine, was that it’s a script for a film, and films have already been made.

What I really mean is… everything relates back to something else. There is no such thing as original, unless it was really the first of something.

You can’t always be original. Be creative instead.


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