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The JB Blog – Post #2: Best Rap Lyrics Ever? (16 Bars)

I rap a lot. Maybe you’ve heard.

Here are some of my best lyrics – quite possibly the best lyrics I’ve ever written.

These lyrics can be valid for use in a rap battle, or to pretend like you’re freestyling, when you actually have the lyrics memorized instead.

Yo. I’m a beast. Don’t ever mess with me. 

So fire that my flow goes naturally.

I don’t want to be another rapper from the city.

Instead I’m from the suburbs and my crew goes with me.

I’m scribbling my raps, tap, copy that, B Flat, cause I’ll be writing notes down in the taxi cab, in the lab.

Everybody wants to be the new MC name.

But they are all faking it cause this is just my game.

I’m out of it.

Allowed to shout aloud with it.


Need to be putting the work in.

I’ll take the hour shift.

Rapping to the rhythm.

Rapping to the beat.

I’m so good, you’ll see the tapping at your feet.


I guess these people wanna know my name.

In the game.



And I’m swerving in your lane.

Need a cane, because my raps are so tall, high, and mighty.

I wonder if you want to be nice, maybe delight me.

Into the game I go.

Watch me spit this flow.

Here I go.

Into the night I fly.

Watch me hit the sky.

Feast your eyes.


Hahaha. I hope you enjoyed. Use them however you want. More rap lyrics coming soon, and maybe I’ll make a music video and record a few raps in the studio sometime later on. See you all later.

-Joe, from


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