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The JB Podcast – Ep. #1 – The Website’s Content, Our Menu, and Consistency.

Here is a brand new episode, the first, of the JB Podcast. In this episode, while the site is still new, I wanted to go over what content will be posted on the site and give a bit of a description of the site’s menu. I hope you all enjoyed, and I just wanted to do this first episode so that everyone would know that we are now on SoundCloud and so that my voice could be heard.



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The JB Blog – Post #1: Who Is Joe Bonett?

You obviously know the name already, but who am I?

I guess you could call me an entrepreneur, but the without the experience. So that probably doesn’t count. I’ve been referred to as a filmmaker, but I haven’t made any of my videos longer than the duration of 20 minutes, so that’s technically not a real film. I have also been called a musician, a rapper, a blogger, a writer, a comedian, a YouTuber, and a genius. (Okay, maybe not a quite a genius.) No matter what people look at me as, it’s helpful for me to know who I am.

When I tell people about myself, a lot of people ask me the following questions:

  • What made you want to start filmmaking?
  • What inspired you?
  • What part of Italy are your ancestors from?
  • Do you like to be called ‘Joe’ or ‘Joseph’
  • Where are you thinking about going to college?
  • What do you want to major in?
  • Do you plan to live on campus?
  • How about those Eagles?

The last one doesn’t relate to me but I do get asked that question often because many of whom I am friendly with are diehard Philadelphia Eagles fans.

I have created this site and somewhat network (so far, at least) so that I can share my content. There is a YouTube channel that I have created as well, to go along with the site because you can’t be a “network” without the proper social media links; you’ve got to have proof. I have made YouTube channels and similar projects in the past, like I mentioned in the most recent video, but none of them are quite as big as this one.

In conclusion, I’m a person who loves to work with the four categories that you see on my website’s menu – “Video”, “Audio”, “Writing” and “Extras”. That’s why the site is here, so that I can continue to create what I like to produce.


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Hello! Wondering what our theme song should be? Pick one!

Just listen to the clips and comment the number of the clip that you like best.


Thanks for your feedback!


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Introduction Video! (NEW)

Here is a brief introduction video, which you can also find on our YouTube channel, to give you all a quick background on who I am and what this website will contain.

The site is going to be AMAZING. Like I say in the video, I have experience from the past with video and content creation on the web.



I hope you’ve enjoyed and checked out the YouTube channel. It’s great to see you all here on!


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I am Joe Bonett from! So excited to be here to release this brand new site to all of you in the WordPress community…

I hope you like great content!

We will upload a wide variety of material – from videos, web-series episodes, and podcasts to music, written articles, and top 10s.

Again, welcome and enjoy!

– Joe Bonett – Founder, Owner, Lead Content Creator.