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The Joe Bonett Show – Vol. 1

This is The Joe Bonett Show – The very first episode, but I call the episodes volumes. (I’m different like that). I hope you’ve enjoyed the full 19+ minutes of video from my day. This has been the first episode and I’m so glad you’ve tuned in. These are NOT vlogs. Vlogs are for people who want us to see their glamorous life and expect it to be entertainment. The difference between my videos and the regular vlogs out there? Mine aren’t glamourized. Mine are real. Haha.



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From A Rusty Old Channel To A Brand New Entity: I Turned My YouTube Channel Into A “Dual-Network Powerhouse.”

Just like in any new project I take on, I want to make the content inside of the project look at least half-decent. So, to challenge myself and to preserve the quality of my website and the network, I decided to “revive” my old channel. The channel was called “OnTopJoseph” or OTJ for short. It will now be the official YouTube page for I have been creating content for that YouTube channel since November of 2015. I enjoyed doing that, but after a while I found it boring and realized that it was not what I wanted to do anymore; I decided to pivot. I took a break for a while, after not uploading to the OnTopJoseph channel since November of 2016. Then, once I realized that it was time to shut down the project, I made a “goodbye” video. Screenshot-47.pngIt felt odd to shut down the channel because I really enjoyed uploading to it and the content was good. So, by the time that last video had been uploaded, I kept the channel up for a little while as a place to hold the content that I had put on it for the past two years, only because I had subscribers who had enjoyed the videos. I finally got back to the channel just the other day, and I am going to be using the channel as a place to hold my website’s videos, while still keeping the content from the old channel and its concept. I now consider my channel to be a “dual-network powerhouse” because I turned the one channel into two networks, combined with two different ideas to be inserted into the brand.